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3D rendering services

Exterior rendering of a building Before launching a construction building, engineers study construction plans and discuss all the details with a customer. It so happens that during work, they may miss something. You will invest your money in a project that will not meet expectations. The exterior rendering of a building will help to avoid it. You just need to contact an architect to create the visualization.

Visualization technologies

The software uses several options for creating a perfect image. The following ones are considered effective:

Rasterization: projecting a scene object onto the screen without considering the perspective effect relative to an observer;

Ray casting: viewing a scene from one point with the projection of rays determining the color of a pixel on a 2D screen. The rays stop propagating when they reach the scene object.

Ray tracing: rays are directed from an observation point to an object. Unlike the ray casting method, they do not stop propagating but are refracted into three separate beams. Their number affects the tracing depth and true-to-life effect of an image.

Path tracing: this method utmostly incorporates the laws of light propagation. Most often, we simultaneously use several methods to save time and ensure high quality.

Distinctive features of rendering. The creation of a perfect sketch requires investing a large amount of time.
There is a lot of work going on during this period such as:

  • Coloring;
  • Implementing small details;
  • Creating lighting effects;
  • Displaying the climate of the environment;
  • Increasing true-to-life effect.

The complexity of a render creation affects the project’s final cost. The more time it takes to process, the more expensive the work.

What is the purpose of rendering?

A large number of computer programs allow designers to create realistic photos of future apartments. Rendering provides the opportunity to see the appearance of a building before construction and reconstruction. The creation of photorealistic images of a building facade takes more time than standard renderings.

Stages of building visualization development

The rendering of a building exterior implies investigating all the details of the facades in the design: drawing the sky, greenery in the garden, ponds, fountains. At this stage, a customer can make adjustments before starting the construction work. It turns out that you can save a lot of money and achieve the highest quality result. The visual presentation allows a house owner to plunge into the atmosphere and check if the picture matches reality. External rendering helps to meet the needs of each client.

Real-time rendering is used in designing computer games. Pre-rendering is well-applied in real estate presentation. The length of time it takes to create a real-to-life image depends on the project complexity. The whole process consists of overlaying effects, lights, shadows. The main task is to achieve a realistic result. To do this, a designer needs to know the basic laws of physics and understand optics. A professionally executed rendering of a building exterior will allow observing the implementation of your dream into reality.

Rendering is the final stage of processing scenes obtained as a result of creating a 3D visualization.

There are two stages of the process:

  • Real-time rendering;
  • Pre-rendering.

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