Architectural 3D modeling service – 3d Architectural Visualization studio. Exterior and interior renders.

Architectural 3D modeling service

Architectural 3D modeling services

Visualization of architectural objects is a vivid demonstration and presentation. 3D modeling services are required before launching a construction project. The design of buildings, country houses, shopping platforms is carried out using a three-dimensional representation.

Architectural 3D modeling services allow creating a precise design of an object, reducing the building construction time. Models visualize the idea of ​​the future building. Depending on the tasks, you can create several types:
-Conceptual – gray images of a model;
-Textured – realistic lighting and shadows;
-Realistic – true-to-life view of a building.

Rendering in architecture

The programs for 3D visualization make it possible to comprehensively design a building of any complexity. It demonstrates the final result, considering all construction materials. You can see the front of the building, the interior, and the landscape design.

Thanks to rendering, you can demonstrate the environment of an object or even the entire street. Using programs for creating a 3D image, you can demonstrate the interior details of the premises. Thus, a customer gets the 3D project.

Types of 3D models

Exterior – the external representation of a building
Interior – the interior layout
Combination – general modeling of the exterior with the interior
Object modeling – creating a promoting product.

Combined architectural models are in great demand due to sufficient information content provided to a customer.

Benefits of using 3D images in architecture

  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy of measurements
  • Clarity for creating project documentation
  • Opportunity to make corrections
  • Elaboration of small elements.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we can offer several options for a model:

  • Development of 3D models based on completed design drawings;
  • Development of an architectural project with further 3D detailing.

Information required from a customer:
-The degree of a site expansion;
-Scene execution time;
-Static or animation.

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