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Creation of 3D animation

Using 3D animation design

3D videos are used for creating animated materials aimed at effective sales of real estate objects. A three-dimensional image allows promoting the necessary information to the target audience in the most comprehensible and interactive format. Bright graphic attracts people's attention, thereby imprinting the information received in consumers’ minds.

3D images are one of the most effective tools for presenting various architectural projects. It is difficult to present a property without such a type of visualization. Modern software makes it possible to introduce sophisticated information to an audience in a simple way.

Application fields:

TV (as a screensaver).

Each option has its own characteristics, but the general feature is the duration of effort spent for the animation, its graphic and sound accompaniment.

Steps for creating 3D animation

A professional approach to the animation design of an architectural object involves a thorough preparation of working materials. The initial step is to develop the concept of a video.

The three-dimensional design simultaneously solves several problems in regard to presenting real estate objects:

• It effectively promotes an agency at exhibitions;
• It differentiates the agency from competitors;
• It increases brand awareness and retention;
• It allows holding agency's leadership position in the market;
• It increases the level of the agency's reliability and presentability;

The further stages are as follows:

  • Coordinating all the nuances of the video sequence development. This stage includes a detailed investigation of drawings and documentation, the search for the most appropriate way to achieve the stated goals.
  • Thinking over a script with a detailed description of the video concept.
  • Developing a plot and creating a storyboard.
  • Making several styles of animated design.
  • Approving the final design.
  • Designing the video. At this stage, we combine all the presentation elements.
  • Adding sound to the video.
  • Video editing is the final stage when a client gets the finalized version of the 3D animation and accepts the project.

Our company’s advantages

• We use modern hardware and professional software for creating videos.
• We develop a script according to the client’s wishes.
• We prepare art, graphics, sound design.
• We implement the idea in accordance with the goals set.

When we ​create 3D images, we start with studying the project and highlighting its goals. We develop a script and a storyboard, discuss a frame-by-frame plot. To select the best video design, we introduce several styles for the presentation, as well as graphic and sound design. After editing, the client can see the finalized three-dimensional animation, which he/she checks in accordance with the acceptance criteria.

The characteristic features of realistic video:
• Animation gives a better idea of ​​an object than static images and VR;
• Animation takes more time and is more expensive to create than statist images / VR. Nevertheless, it allows presenting all the information regarding a project from the best perspectives.
• A vivid video can attract more investors.
• A consistent video sequence makes it easier to perceive the object’s layout solution and the general architectural and artistic image.

The final stage of creating 3D animation is getting the client’s approval of the project. Those are the steps of how we maintain the relationship between the company manager and the client.
The cost of our work depends on the project’s type, its complexity, and duration.

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