Rendering of a house – 3d Architectural Visualization studio. Exterior and interior renders.

Rendering of a house

Rendering implies a three-dimensional image of an object. It is created to introduce the utmost realism and detailing.

It allows seeing a complex of objects before launching the construction process. Accordingly, it prevents a customer from reconstructing an unsuccessful idea.

The construction of countryside cottages is a challenging but exciting event. To implement your dream project, you need to represent an object as accurately as possible. A 3D visualization allows doing it.

3D visualization is a convenient way to see the final appearance of a building even before it is constructed. Despite the high cost of the service, it is considered relevant among designers or architects. Three-dimensional representation allows mitigating the risk when a customer wants to make adjustments to the project, by completing a perfect image.

This service is beneficial not only for a customer but also for a contractor. For a developer, there is an opportunity to get a competitive advantage, as well as sell real estate as quickly as possible. Visual effects positively affect a person’s perception.

Visual design services. When ordering a plan of your future site or a cottage, you can get a three-dimensional image. In the process of creating realistic graphics, you get a range of services:

  • Exterior design. With this service, you will see a three-dimensional model of the object's exteriors such as a facade, windows, roofs. At this stage, you determine the area of ​​a building, the number of floors. A 3D model of a building is created from two-dimensional images, and only then the rendering is performed.
  • Interior design. This stage allows the introduction of the object's interior design. In addition to the choice of design solutions, you can arrange the layout and furniture.
  • Realistic images. The service conveys all the object's texture characteristics. There is a selection of building and finishing materials, their textures, colors, sizes.

Rendering allows creating several options, then choosing the one that will be as close to the perfect solution as possible.

Features of 3D house rendering

A characteristic feature of creating a three-dimensional image of a countryside cottage is investigating the environment of this object. The adjacent territory and the house itself are a single architectural ensemble, which should be considered in a unified manner. Therefore, when planning a building, it is more reasonable to simultaneously work on landscape design.

A comprehensive service for visualizing a countryside object will not only save time but also provide the entire representation of a future project. The terms of cooperation are negotiated with a customer after examining the materials provided. The timing of work depends on the complexity of the building and its geometry. Payment is charged in several stages.

Stages of work on the creation of three-dimensional graphics:

  • Plan evaluation. This step allows estimating the scope of work, calculating the approximate cost.
  • Project development.
  • Execution of work. After the concept is approved, the elements of all the main sections are worked out.
  • Project closure. The finalized rendering is transferred to the customer, the acceptance certificate is signed.

The cost of a house rendering. The final cost is calculated for each customer. Its amount is formed of several factors:

  • Source documentation. The creation of a three-dimensional image can be made based on a full set of documents or based on a small sketch. The second option will take longer, and accordingly will cost more.
  • Scope of work. When ordering a scheme of a countryside cottage, a customer can expand the image to visualize the surrounding environment.
  • Area/height of an object. The spaciousness of the interior depends on the number of floors in the building. When ordering 3D rendering of interiors, this factor will play a significant role in the cost of the entire project.
  • Detailing of an object. The more small details require elaboration, the higher the cost.
  • Deadline.
  • Customer wishes.

The realism of a building or its surroundings will be a determining factor when choosing a countryside object.

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