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Virtual staging services

Services for virtual project presentation

Modern companies are successfully using virtual reality (VR) when creating project presentations. The market of architectural products is volatile, and it is difficult to be relevant without innovations. The opportunities provided by VR are endless. The scope of such services is growing every day.

Services for virtual project presentations provide the opportunity to completely immerse in the project. We render both full VR tours and single 360​​° images. VR stages life situations that can be foreseen in advance. For example, are the emergency exits designed correctly?

Potential buyers and tenants can see what the final result will be before launching building construction. This is a key decision when buying real estate at the very initial stage.

Visualization in architecture

Three-dimensional models do an excellent job of representing objects, but virtual and augmented reality provides a greater visual effect. In architecture, virtualization addresses the following tasks:

  • Explores the space of a future project;
  • Allows forming inter-relations between objects;
  • Checks the compatibility of design and architectural solutions.

Any corrections can be made in real-time, which allows comparing the images and examining each element.

Virtualization aspects

Misunderstandings during the construction process can negatively affect the relationship between a seller and a buyer, or between a customer and a developer. VR will help to avoid this. With a detailed examination of an object from all dimensions, it becomes possible to see the compatibility of colors, choose construction materials, and evaluate the parameters of a building.

Any corrections can be made in real-time, which allows comparing the images and examining each element.

The technology of virtual and augmented reality makes projects and presentations visually compelling in the early stages of work. Services for virtual project presentations allow making changes before launching the main activities of construction building. Accordingly, they reduce the financial costs for a customer and increase customer demand. Virtualization makes it possible to be confident in the final result. It will help you to get high quality.

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