Visualization of buildings – 3d Architectural Visualization studio. Exterior and interior renders.

Visualization of buildings

The creation of three-dimensional images of buildings is used for presenting architectural projects.

Buildings are rendered at the stage of developing a sketch of a future construction object. High-quality 3D graphics have a considerable degree of persuasion, which is important at every stage of coordination with a customer.

The result of building visualization is a printable image with high resolution. The size, shape, manner of 3D animation is coordinated at the stage of setting a technical task for visualization.

A technical specification includes the following documents and drawings:

  • Building facades;
  • Floor plan;
  • Roof plan;
  • Building sections;
  • Territory plan with the indication of decorative elements and viewpoints;
  • Selection of finishing materials and textures;
  • Photos, sketches, or drawings of facade decorative elements with the indication of overall dimensions;
  • Photos, sketches, or drawings of landscape design of a future building with the indication of the overall dimensions;
  • Photos or images of buildings in a similar style.

A detailed technical specification will allow to quickly, and most importantly, accurately embody the customer's idea on the screen. When there is a lack of some documents, the work is performed according to the customer’s recommendations or wishes.

Benefits of creating
3D graphics
of buildings

A person perceives and retains visual information better. Therefore, creating a three-dimensional image can achieve a stunning effect on customers. A customer gets the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of a future building, to look at it from all angles. Thanks to the elaboration of details, people get a complete project's representation.

Architectural design has informative as well as artistic value. In addition to presenting the designed forms, you can consider a composition with different levels of illumination. The capabilities of modern programs allow creating a realistic image, which is important when visualizing an object in a certain area.

Visualization of architectural objects opens up tremendous opportunities not only for construction companies but also for individual customers. It is difficult to form an opinion about a building from drawings. Visualization of the building's interior and exterior makes it possible to immerse a customer in a future project, and also allows to fully convey colors and shapes.

The main stages of creating the visualization of a building:

  • Сameras are installed according to the technical specification without drawing details, textures, materials. At this stage, a customer considers if the geometry and angles are correct. If necessary, he/she makes the first adjustments.
  • Next, an image is created with all the materials, textures, decorative facades. The customer approves what materials and elements are to be used for filling the scene.
  • At this stage, the customer approves a complete detailing of the project, as well as the decoration of the landscape area.
  • The final rendering of images is the final stage of work. When it is completed, the customer gets several perspective images of the future object.

The cost of building visualization

The final cost depends on the complexity of an object's geometry and the required detailing. If there is a need for zooming, then it requires a more thorough approach to small details. Such detailing is not needed for printing images, so the cost of working with a medium-sized plan will be lower.

When there is a need for 3D visualization

Three-dimensional graphics are created when a customer wants to look at a building's appearance before buying or constructing it. Construction companies use visualization as part of a presentation to sell real estate at the stage of its construction. It allows demonstrating not only a building's design but also a site and nearby infrastructure. In addition, 3D graphics are used to create video presentations of projects at the stage of attracting investors.

Exclusive graphics help construction companies manage the most ambitious and complex challenges in constructing high-rise buildings or country houses. Modern software provides tools for creating high-quality projects of any complexity and form.

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