Work process – 3d Architectural Visualization studio. Exterior and interior renders.

Our work


You send
technical data

These include 3d model, CAD drawings, photos,
sketches, autocad, finishing materials examples,
mood board, camera position etc.


We process
the information received

On the basis of the preliminary
analysis, the general provisions
of the project's cost and timeline are formed.


Camera angle

Setting the camera and lighting
and gray materials


Preview №1

We send previews in high quality
with customized materials, light
furniture, etc.


Preview №2

We receive your comments about
the Preview #1. We apply fixes so that
the image meets your needs and better reflects your idea.


Final image

We send previews in high quality with customized materials, light, furniture, etc.

& Answers

What payment methods do you have?
- Western Union
- Bank transfer
- Paypal
- Wise
Do you provide a 3D model / scene if we need it?
Yes, we have such an option. If necessary, we can send you a 3D model / scene for an additional fee.
What are your deadlines for creating images?
We usually need about 6 working days for 1-3 images, if we quickly get the project information and approval of visualization angles.
What are your prices?
We calculate prices individually for each project. If you need more accurate information and project estimates, contact our manager or email us.
What is the highest image resolution you make?
The standard image resolution is 4K-5K, but if a client needs images of a higher quality, we can do it for some additional fee. At the moment, the highest image resolution we performed for a client has been 8K.
Does the price include NDA, or is it of an extra fee?
If a client warns us in advance that a project is with NDA, we sign it. The price of a project with NDA is usually a bit higher. If we do not sign an NDA, we may post the work on our website or on our social networks.
How to start working with you?
We usually recommend starting cooperation with small projects of 1-2 images. First, you pay a 50% advance payment, and the second part is paid before getting the final image. But we always meet our clients‘ needs, and if a project is large, we charge 35% before its start, 30% - after the first preview, and 35% at the final stage.
How many people does your team have?
Our team consists of 4 employees and 4 outsourced specialists working on a permanent basis. We plan to open an office by the end of the year, and the entire team will work on a permanent basis.
What guarantees do you have?
We provide a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like the images. We fully refund the advance payment, but only after the 1st preview in case you don't like it.
What does the project cost include?
The project cost includes: - Optimization of a provided 3D model and environment modeling. - Selection of visualization angles. - Preview #1 + corrections from a client. - Preview #2 + corrections from a client. - Final image with 4-5K resolution. Corrections after getting the final image are performed for an additional fee. Creation of a 3D construction model according to the drawings is paid additionally.

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